1. Please be properly dressed.

  2. Please leave your bags at the designated area. Do not leave cash and other valuables in the bags.

  3. Please do not eat, drink or smoke in the Resource Centre.

  4. Please observe silence. If you have to speak with someone, please do so very quietly.

  5. Please switch off your hand phone. If you need to use it, please go out to do so.

  6. Please do not take out books prior to borrowing them under your name.

  7. Please return books on time. Fines will be levied upon overdue books.

  8. Books marked RUJUKAN are for general reference and AEI courses. These must be used in the Resource Centre. AEI students may borrow out up to two books for their coursework one hour before closing time. They must be returned by 9.00 a.m. the next morning or the next working day.

  9. Usage of computers

i.  For research and study only.

ii. One hour per user.

iii. Please scan diskettes using

Anti Virus software in the PC

before downloading.

iv. Please do not delete programs,

files, etc.

10. In case of an emergency in the AEI building,  please vacate the Resource Centre.

11. The Resource Centre and the Institute will not be responsible for any losses, injuries or damages.



University of Malaya Library:


Computers: Six PCs with internet function are available. AEI students may bring in their personal laptops. A hub with seven internet connections is available.

Photocopying: A card-operated photocopier is available in the Centre. Cards may be purchased at the Service Desk. Please remember that photocopying is subject to the Malaysian Copyright Act 1987 (Act 332).


Librarian: Ibrahim bin Ismail

Library Assistant: Siti Noraishah Mastuki


Telephone : 79676911

Fax : 79676906

E-mail :

PostalAddress : Resource Centre, Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Opening hours










The Centre is closed on Sunday and public holidays. It is also closed on the first and third Saturdays of the month.


The Resource Centre serves as the working library to support the teaching and research conducted at AEI. Academic staff and students of UM may use the collections and facilities in the Centre.


Bibliographic access to the collections is via the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Access may be made under author, title, subject or keyword. All material in the Resource Centre are inventoried under AEI Resource Centre.


  • EDC: EDC stands for European Documentation Centre. The books in this collection are about the European Union with special emphasis on business, economics, history, law and politics.

  • AEI: The AEI collection consists of the following categories of books:

    • Texts and references for AEI courses on information management, regional integration, small  and medium enterprises.

    • Books for AEI research on economic history, lifelong learning, civil society and ASEAN.

    • Selected titles on Asian history, economics, politics, sociology and literature.

  • Reference: Books for AEI coursework/research and general reference are marked RUJUKAN. These must be used in the Centre. AEI students may borrow up to two books for their coursework one hour before closing time. The books must be returned by 9.00 a.m. the next morning or the next working day.

  • Journals

    •  Printed: AEI subscribes to the following titles:

    1. ASEAN Economic Bulletin  (vol. 20- ; 2003- )

    2. Asia Europe Journal  (vol. 1- ; 2003- )

    3. Contemporary Southeast Asia  (vol. 25- ; 2003- )

    4. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies  (vol. 33- ; 2002- )

    5. Small Business Economics  (vol. 20- ; 2003- )

    6. Sojourn  (vol. 18- ; 2003- )

    7. Southeast Asian Affairs  (2000- )


    • Electronic: JSTOR is an online archival database of scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences and the sciences. This database may be accessed from workstations located in AEI.

  • CD-ROM: CDs are kept at the Service Desk. Books with CD-ROM bear notes at the end that give the CD-ROM numbers. CDs must be used in the Centre.

  • Magazines and Newspapers: The Centre receives the following titles:

    1. Eurobusiness

    2. Far Eastern Economic Review

    3. Financial Times

    4. International Herald Tribune

    5. The Economist

    6. Time

These are for use in the Centre only.


Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur 50603, Malaysia

Telephone: (60)-3-7967 4645 / 6910 / 6921, FAX: (60)-3-7954 0799, Email:


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