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Studying at Asia-Europe Institute: The Asia-Europe Institute offers a range of International Masters degree programmes tailored to the academic background and career needs of students. These programmes offer a number of unique characteristics that will appeal to students from Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.

        Partnership: The programme has been established in collaboration with leading institutions in Europe

        International Teaching: The programme is taught jointly by AEIís academic staff and Visiting Professors, all of whom have global reputations. This ensures outstanding pedagogical practice and research insights

        International Students: The programmes reflects the truly international character of AEIís postgraduate student community

        Financial Support: As part of its commitment to developing a truly global learning experience, the AEI offers both full and partial financial support to deserving applicants on the basis of both outstanding academic achievement and appropriate personal and leadership qualities

The International Masters programmes run full-time, commencing in September 2005.


SME Programs

This International Masters programme in Small- and Medium-Scale Enterprises is designed for students who wish to enhance the development of entrepreneurial skills and managerial capacity in order to ensure the viability and continuity of SMEs over time. The focus of the programme is to provide an understanding of the strength of both Asian and European social and economic contexts in which SMEs operate, as well as the methodologies, technicalities and tools that allow a better structured decisional process and a more conscious management of the business. The intercultural setting of the programme will also enhance the ability of prospective managers and government executives to strengthen economic cooperation between EU and East Asia.


RI Programs

This International Masters programme in Regional Integration examines the origins and consequences (for nation states as well as firms and citizens) of efforts and strategies to redraw boundaries of authority at the regional level in the context of intensified globalisation. Using an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, the programme focuses on explanations of the intensity and type of authority shift to regional institutions across issues and across regions. It places particular emphasis on understanding the relationship between regional integration and processes of economic globalisation, the development of new forms of governance, and the reconfiguration of the state.


IM Programs
This International Masters programme in Information Management designed for students with broad and deep interests in the management of information, utilising information systems, in organisations. This involves mediating between the potential afforded by information and communications technology (ICT) and business objectives. As such, the analytical and practical focus is on the fusion between business and ITC, using information management skills to demonstrate business value, and the enhancement of specific ITC skills.